SOS Skol – You Play, It Arrives, You Marathon

Author:Ms Lígia Alvarenga
Profession:Veirano e Advogados Associados

A consumer from the state of Santa Catarina, in Brazil, made a complaint to CONAR (the Brazilian National Council for Advertising Self-regulation) against an advertisement posted on social media by the beer company SKOL called "SOS SKOL - APERTOU, CHEGOU, MARATONOU" ("SOS SKOL - YOU PLAY, IT ARRIVES, YOU MARATHON").

The consumer disapproved the ad for its alleged association between alcohol and sports and for showing a refrigerator entirely occupied by beer cans, suggesting excessive consumption. Both practices are disapproved by the Brazilian Code of Advertising Self-Regulation in its Annex P, concerning the advertising of low alcoholic beverages.

In their defense, the advertiser explained that the purpose of the ad was to promote a delivery service. They explained the use of the "marathon" neologism, a Brazilian slang that means the same as "binge-watching", with no real connection to the Marathon, and denied any encouragement of overconsumption.

The advertising piece uses the verb "to marathon"...

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