Santos Bevilaqua Newsletter – March 2018

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1)Private Insurance Superintendence - SUSEP ADMINISTRATIVE RULE No. 7070, OF 3/2/2018

Under SUSEP Administrative Rule no. 7070, of March 2, 2018, published ton March 7, in the Federal Official Journal (DOU), the Private Insurance Superintendence set up a special commission to discuss the current model of Compulsory Insurance against Personal Injury caused by Land Vehicles (DPVAT). SUSEP made such decision after the internal work groups, created in 2015 and 2016, sent it proposals to discuss issues related to the DPVAT.

The special commission will be composed of the Superintendent of SUSEP, and one representative of each of the following entities: the Solvency Board, the Conduct Supervision Board, the Private Insurance Organization System board, the Federal Prosecution Office for SUSEP; the Economic Policy Department (SPE) of the Ministry of Finance; the National Consumer Protection Department (Senacon); the National Confederation of Insurers (CNseg); the National (CNseg); the National Federation of General Insurance (FenSeg); the National Federation of Insurance Brokers (Fenacor); the National Insurance School; the Education and Research Institute; and Seguradora Líder (insurer).

Once the work is completed, a proposal for a new model of DPVAT will be submitted. The first meeting of the Special Commission was held on March 8.

The Commission is already sorting out options for a new model of DPVAT. The first proposal for changes will be sent to the National Council of Private Insurance (CNSP) until April 16.

In addition to the replacement of the DPVAT for a free competition model named Compulsory Insurance against Traffic Accidents (Soat) – provided in the bill introduced by representative Lucas Vergilio (SD political party - Goiás State) –, the commission is evaluating other measures for the product maintenance.

In addition to the Soat, SUSEP is analyzing the return of the former Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance for Land Vehicles (Recovat) and the possibility of the entity itself to determine the administrative and operating expenses in order for the price of the product to be fair.

It is essential that those building the new model take into consideration the...

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