New Round Of Airport Concessions In Brazil

Author:Araújo E Policastro Advogados
Profession:Araujo e Policastro Advogados

Public Call for Studies for the Concession of 22 airports

The Ministry of Infrastructure has published a Public Call for Studies aiming to receive projects, surveys, investigations and technical studies to assist with the modeling of the concession for the expansion, operation and maintenance of 22 airports.

  1. Block of Airports. Such round of airport concession is divided into 3 blocks, as follows:

    - The South Block includes nine airports located in: (i) Curitiba (State of Paraná); (ii) Foz do Iguaçu (State of Paraná); (iii) Navegantes (State of Santa Catarina); (iv) Londrina (State of Paraná); (v) Joinville (State of Santa Catarina); (vi) Bacacheri (State of Paraná); (vii) Pelotas (State of Rio Grande do Sul); (viii) Uruguaiana (State of Rio Grande do Sul) and (ix) Bagé (State of Rio Grande do Sul).

    - The North Block includes seven airports located in:(i) Manaus (State of Amazonas); (ii) Porto Velho (State of Rondônia); (iii) Rio Branco (State of Acre); (iv) Cruzeiro do Sul (State of Acre); (v) Tabatinga (State of Amazonas); (vi) Tefé (State of Amazonas) and (vii) Boa Vista (State of Roraima).

    - The Central Block includes six airports located in:(i) Goiânia (State of Goiás); (ii) Palmas (State of Tocantins); (iii) Teresina (State of Piauí); (iv) Petrolina (State of Pernambuco); (v) São Luís (State of Maranhão) and (vi) Imperatriz (State of Maranhão).

  2. Participation in the Public Call. The parties interested in participating in the Technical, Economical and Environmental Viability Studies (Estudos de Viabilidade Técnica, Econômica e Ambiental) shall submit a Request for Authorization to the Civil Aviation Secretariat until April 17, 2019.

    Among the requirements to obtain such authorization it is important to highlight the required declaration that if the studies presented are chosen by the Selection Commission, the winning party that presented the referred to studies will...

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