Environmental – Take Back System: New Requirement In Rio de Janeiro

Author:Ms Ana Grizzi and Maria Magalhães De Bustamante
Profession:Veirano e Advogados Associados

On November 5th, 2018, the State of Rio de Janeiro published Law No. 8151/18 ("Law"), setting forth the Take Back System ("TBS") regarding packages and packages' waste. The Law was enacted in compliance with the National Solid Waste Act.

TBS is applicable to all packages of products consumed in the State of Rio de Janeiro, which compose the dry fraction of the urban solid waste and similar, regardless of their origin and composition.

From May, the 4th of 2019:

Companies that produce, import or make available for sale packages or packed products should: Implement and operate TBS of individual or collective packaging, primarily in partnership with cooperatives and associations of collectors of recyclable materials. assure that the SLR will cover the quantity of packaging that has been proven to be placed on the state market; promote and finance environmental awareness campaigns; annually declare the volume of packaging placed on the market in Rio de Janeiro and the percentage actually sent for recycling through the Declaratory Packaging Act ("ADE"); present the Investment and Project Plan ("PMI") to INEA, observing the minimum level of goals and investments established by the sector agreement regarding packages in general signed with the Ministry of The Environment ("MMA"). Distributors or Sellers that: do not have...

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