Changing In The Regulation Of SICAF Benefits Foreigner Bidders

Author:Mr Paulo Prado, Marcelo Pinho, Pedro Henrique Pessoa and Giovanni Sorbello
Profession:Koury Lopes Advogados

The Normative Instruction (IN) No. 10/2020 was published on February 11, changing the regulation of SICAF (Unified Enrollment System of Suppliers) and simplifying the participation of foreign companies in public bidding. One of the main changes brought by the IN is the possibility of enrollment in the SICAF system for companies not operating in Brazil.

The IN also provides for the simplification of the documentation required from these companies, since certified translation of qualification documents is no longer necessary for companies to participate in the bidding process, but to be required only for execution of the contract or of the minutes of price registry. Therefore, the documents to be submitted, initially, shall be presented in simple translation.

The new regulation counters the...

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