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Publicação semestral do NEPGD. Reúne trabalhos de pesquisadores que investigam diferentes temáticas nas áreas da teoria feministas do direito, dos direitos das mulheres e das questões de gênero. Os trabalhos são submetidos ao crivo dos membros do Conselho Editorial e dos pareceristas escolhidos entre especialistas no tema.

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  • Modern digital technologies in jurisprudence

    Digital technologies are actively entering into social relations, including well-established state legal institutions. At present, digitalization has deeply penetrated into the field of legislative and law enforcement practice. The analysis of the main development directions of digital technologies and the areas of their “penetration” into jurisprudence using general scientific and special methods allowed the authors to identify the main directions and prospects for the implementation of the main digital concepts in legal practice. The authors of the paper take into account the interdisciplinary nature of the problems posed, which determined the bilateral nature of the study. The results of the study can be used in the field of conducting both general theoretical and informational research. They can also be applied as part of legal education programs. Keywords: digital technologies, legal regulation, law enforcement, realization of law, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of things, legal regulation, post- industrial society

  • Restriction of the right to the liberty and security of minors according to the international and national law (by the example of the Russian Federation)

    The article is about the main points of the minors arrest and detention who are suspected in a criminal offense under paragraph 5 (d) of Article 5 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950; the legality of the minors arrest and detention, rights and freedoms. The special attention is paid to the study of the pointed legal positions of the European Court of Human Rights. The importance of the study is connected with the fact that the right to the liberty and security is one of the most important rights included in the list of internationally recognized human rights and freedoms. From the point of the generally accepted classification in the law theory and Russian constitutional law, as well as in the theory of international law, the analysing law belongs to the civil (personal) rights. In this regard, the right to the liberty and security can be characterized as a law that has a natural character and it is closely connected with the nature of man.Detention or arrest is the most severe measure; it is applied only on the basis of a court decision which is based only on the results of consideration which is accepted as a result of the court’s learning of the relevant petition submitted by an investigator or inquiry officer. Keywords: arrest, detention, rights to liberty and security of person, crime, a minor, European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950, European Court of Human Rights.

  • Recognition of the political rights of ethnic minorities in european countries

    This paper discusses the features of the political rights of ethnic minorities in individual European states. The relevance of the study is due to the fact that this institution is undergoing its transformation. In connection with this fact, object of research in the paper is the analysis of individual international and constitutional acts. The emphasis on ethnic minorities in revealing the essence of political rights is by no means accidental. Legislative registration as a state recognition of the rights of ethnic minorities is a prerequisite for combating discrimination and, at the same time, protecting small groups of people. Therefore, the policy in the field of these rights is a socially significant reality recognized today by the international community. It is the result of ethnosocial consensus. The assertion that the political rights of ethnic minorities are universally recognized is often accompanied by arguments based on modern international norms. But when referring to the main international acts, this issue does not look as clear as it is presented in a number of scientific studies. It does not at all follow from these international acts that these rights belong only to ethnic groups. The term “people” is interpreted as a community of citizens residing both in independent states and in dependent territories. Thus, it is not entirely clear whether a particular European state is obliged to exercise these rights in relation to a single ethnic group, since these international documents do not directly contain such an obligation. Keywords: ethnic group, ethnic minorities, ethnopolitology, ethnic politics, ethnic law.

  • Semantic word formation of dialect verbs: linguoculturological and cognitive aspects

    The article is dedicated to the research of semantic word formation of verbs in the language space of Russian subdialects. From the point of cognitive linguistics, the semantic verb derivatives are observed in the system of subdialects. The analysis of several word-formative models is given and structural-semantic and paradigmatic relations between derivatives and inflections in the sphere of different dialect verb groups are described in this research. It is proven that, in the reviewed semantically derived dialect verbs, the subjective-evaluative connotation, usually of the negative nature, is present – from the cognitive aspect it is represented as one of the main features of derivative verb units. It is noted that such factors as the abilities to think and feel prompt the dialect carrier to create new words: dialect carrier’s ability to create new words signals about their language sense and constructive thinking. Semantic derivation enriches the dialect language not only with new lexemes, but also with new word- formative relations. Realization of such powerful potential of Russian dialects shows the independence of derivative processes in the dialectic word production. It is proven that the research of dialect vocabulary provides a great opportunity to generalize word- formative processes, including semantic verb derivation and a Russian national language on different evolution stages. Moreover, derivative processes are equally important for construction and understanding of language picture of the world as lexical-phraseological or stylistic phenomena. Keywords: subdialect, dialect, derivation, semantic derivation, word formation, word-formative model, cognitive linguistics.

  • Classification of unplanned interruptions during it service execution at incident lifecycle management

    This article focuses on the issue of software incident lifecycle management. It analyzes the standards with incident management instructions. A formal presentation of the corporate information system is performed, which allows to identify an incident location. They develop incident classification algorithm formally presented in multidimensional space. After software update, new incidents may occur that are not listed in the knowledge base. If an incident is represented by isolated cases of “non-standard incident”, then it is processed separately. If an incident is often “standard”, then an incident model is developed for it. The algorithm presented in the paper takes this feature into account and allows the development of new incident clusters based on the minimum density indicator set by the user. The minimum cluster density index is determined individually for each corporate information system, depending on the approach to incident categorization. Keywords: incident management, data classification, corporate information system, incident model, data clustering, DBSCAN.

  • Social-realism in the azerbaijani and turkish novels of the early 20th century

    In the 1920s and 1940s, the socialist realism (trend) flow in both Turkish and Azerbaijani literature shows itself in certain degree. Class struggle, conflict between opposing forces, such as master-peasant, intellectual-ignorantsuperstition, has become the main topic of the Turkish and Azerbaijani novels. In both literatures, the subject of village was at the forefront. It is no coincidence that “Homeland Literature” has gained special popularity in Turkish literature in this period. The life, love, joy, sorrow, troubles and pains of ordinary peasants have become the main topic of literature. The story of the urban man, not the peasant, his or her life, feelings and thoughts came to the center of the novel, not the destiny of townsman. However, for a long time, the place in the Turkish novels was chosen only as Istanbul, and the fate of the people of Istanbul was mentioned. In the article, the Turkish and Azerbaijani novels from 1920 to 1930will be comparatively explored and parallels will be emphasized. Keywords: Azerbaijani and Turkish novel, socialist-realism, rural novel, comparison, conflict.

  • Modern approaches of estimation of risk factors intermittent influence

    We studied the quality of three environmental objects of the population living in a large industrial city (atmospheric air, soil and drinking water). We also determined the content and quantity of chemicals in the habitat of the population living near large industrial enterprises. We presented the results of the calculations of hazard indexes (HI), on the basis of which we derived the risk features of the development of non-carcinogenic effects of exposure to the body of chemical compounds (with combined and complex exposure). Non-carcinogenic risk is defined as an indicator of the expected increase in the incidence of the population due to the toxic properties of foreign chemicals in the studied environmental objects. The main objective of our socio-hygienic study was to identify chemical factors in the environment that are potentially hazardous to the life and health of children and adults living within a radius of 4,800 meters from an industrial enterprise in a large industrial city when received in different ways (combined) and assess the risk of violations in human health of varying severity when exposed to non-carcinogenic chemicals. Keywords: questioning, interviewing, pollution degree, water quality, non-carcinogenic risk, hazard index, toxicity.

  • Some aspects of patients' rights to receive information about their health status under the legislation of the Russian Federation

    The relevance of the chosen topic is due to increased legal literacy of patients, the need to respect their rights and increase the responsibility of a medical institution in matters of observing the rights of patients. According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of health protection, the right of citizens to information about their state of health includes two main components: informing the patient by the attending physician and familiarization with medical documentation.In the first case, the attending physician or medical worker directly providing medical assistance to the citizen is obliged to inform the citizen or his legal representative of the information about the state of his health available in the medical organization, including: information on the results of a medical examination; the presence of disease; about the established diagnosis; on the prognosis of the development of the disease; methods of medical care related to their risk; possible types of medical intervention, its consequences; the results of medical care. The procedure for familiarizing patients with the originals of medical records is also regulated by law. This study touched upon the implementation of the patient’s rights to familiarize themselves with the patient’s medical records, obtain copies of medical documents, and introduce electronic medical records. Keywords: medical records, acquaintance with the patient’s medical records, obtaining copies, liability, loss of medical documents, rights of patients.

  • Evaluative concepts encoded in metaphorical language

    Metaphorical models that convey the evaluative meaning are the focus of this article. The paper intends to show that metaphor and in certain cases metonymy belong to the main means of creating the value attitude to the facts of reality and thinking, this attitude resulting in certain utterances of evaluative character. The data for analysis consist of the utterances from the literary prose in different Indo- European languages of Slavonic, German and Romance groups. The examples show that the main metaphorical models and the specific sub-models in each of the thematic groups viewed as an object of the present study manifest the same or similar evaluative potentials irrespectively of the linguistic culture they belong to. That means that the general mechanism of creating the value relations receiving their manifestation in the form of evaluative utterances within different linguistic cultures is the same. Key words: cognitive metaphor, metonymy, value, evaluation, value concept.

  • World englishes: reflection on text complexity prospective studies

    The following study aims at highlighting new directions of text complexity studies, giving way to more advanced and varied research in the area. It has become the tradition in Russian linguistics as well as foreign one to assess predominantly the complexity of educational texts, thus allowing the learners to boost text comprehension and better material recognition [1], [2], [3], [4]. Text complexity studies can be directed at other types of texts (fiction or newspaper articles) in order to raise the level of awareness and desire to read in general. Bearing in mind that newspaper articles in English can be written by native and non-native speakers, and both types of newspapers can be used in educational purposes, there is urgent need, as we perceive it, to distinguish the features of authentic and Russian English newspaper texts. The research question of upcoming studies can be accomplished as follows: Are English- language newspapers written by Russian speakers of English as ELF comparable with the texts of authentic publications? The results of this study will be interesting in terms of studying the Russian version of the English language as one of the World Englishes in order to demonstrate whether the differences between the English variants are significant. For this purpose, two tools of computational linguistic analysis can be applied: Coh-Metrix, a computational tool that produces indices of the linguistic and discourse representations (developed by Arthur C. Graesser and Danielle McNamara), and L2 Syntactical Complexity Analyzer (L2SCA) developed by Xiaofei Lu at Pennsylvania State University (a computational tool which produces syntactic complexity indices of written English language texts). Keywords: text complexity, assessment, World Englishes, L2, computational analysis

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