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Publicação semestral do NEPGD. Reúne trabalhos de pesquisadores que investigam diferentes temáticas nas áreas da teoria feministas do direito, dos direitos das mulheres e das questões de gênero. Os trabalhos são submetidos ao crivo dos membros do Conselho Editorial e dos pareceristas escolhidos entre especialistas no tema.

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  • Government conflict management: Russian and international experience

    Conflict management in public authorities is a system of management measures for the diagnosis, prevention, overcoming and neutralization of crisis situations and manifestations, as well as their causes in various government structures. Such an activity involves prediction of the degree of danger of crisis manifestations in public authorities, study of its symptoms, as well as measures to reduce the negative effects of the crisis and usage of its features for subsequent development. Each management to a certain extent has a place to be anti-crisis or begins to become so in degree of entry of the organization into the period of crisis development. Neglect of such a situation entails rather negative consequences, while its consideration contributes to an effective way out of different crisis situations [1].The research methodology involves a thorough analysis of crisis management, as well as the conflict essence in government structures. The article attempts to distinguish between the concepts of “crisis” and “conflict”, “management” and “settlement”. The theory of conflict acts as a methodological basis. Crisis management in government bodies has an impact subject represented by crisis factors, that is, all factors of exacerbation of contradictions, causing the risk of its extreme manifestation, the onset of a serious crisis. The paramount importance and priority of crisis management in various state bodies reflects the need for any organization and person to overcome, resolve and setlle crisis situations, to make possible mitigation of its consequences, and to use its potential. Understanding of crisis and conflict as a natural and inevitable phenomenon in the process of development of the organization determines the relevance of constant research, creation, improvement of crisis management mechanisms. Keywords: Crisis management, conflict, crisis, government agencies, conflict management, anti-crisis policy, public administration.

  • The origin and development of the privatization relations in Russia: the historical and legal research

    The article deals with the historical and legal study of the emergence and development of privatization relations in Russia. Specifically historical experience clearly demonstrates that the optimally chosen form of ownership largely determines the stability of the state and the effectiveness of its economic policy. The authors study the issues of the beginning of the privatization processes, the stages of privatization provides an analysis of the main regulatory legal acts regulating the privatization processes in various historical periods. The objective of the presented historical and legal research is the formation of a comprehensive scientific understanding of the emergence and development of legal regulation of privatization relations in Russia in various historical periods. This objective predetermined the choice of tasks that must be solved in the research process: to determine the moment of the beginning of the privatization processes in Russia; describe the main stages of privatization in Russia; to analyze the regulatory legal acts regulating the privatization processes at various stages; and identify trends in the legal regulation of privatization processes at the present stage. As a result of the study, the authors concluded that the privatization that took place in Russia at the end of the XX and beginning of the XXI centuries was a process of redistribution of public property in the interests of private individuals. Keywords: privatization, privatization relations, property right, historical stage, state and municipal unitary enterprises.

  • The effectiveness in the use of instagram in the promotion of b2b companies

    This paper contains data from statistical studies of foreign agencies on the use of social networks in promoting companies of the B2B segment (Business to business) and their effectiveness. The emphasis was placed on the social network Instagram, as it is one of the fastest-growing platforms for marketing and it has fundamental differences from other social networks. As the main methods for conducting the study, non-participant observation, monitoring of articles and results of marketing research, a comparative analysis of Instagram accounts of B2B companies and quantitative content analysis were used. It is assumed that the chosen methodology most adequately reflects the real specifics of the promotion process in the segment selected for the study. In the process of studying articles of promotion specialists on social networks, the goals of promoting B2B companies, their target audience, the main types of content and other features of maintaining an account for using the Instagram platform as an effective marketing tool were identified and described. As a result of the analysis of statistical data obtained within the framework of various large studies and successful cases on the natural promotion of Instagram accounts of world B2B companies, conclusions were drawn about the effectiveness of using the social network Instagram for the B2B segment. Keywords: Instagram, SMM-marketing, social networks, B2B-sphere, companies, promotion.

  • Legal regulation of activity of self-employed citizens in the Russian Federation

    This paper is devoted to the analysis of legal regulation issues concerning self-employed citizens in the Russian Federation as part of an experiment in certain regions of Russia on the legalization of self-employed people’s activities. The way out of the shadow of the self-employed people is one of the most discussed issues not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world. The unwillingness to officially register their activities is explained, first of all, by the fact that the payment of taxes, as a rule, is incommensurable with the income of the self-employed people. At the same time, without registering their business, self- employed citizens are left without their social protection from the state, and without the opportunity to receive development loans, etc. The state should encourage self-employment people, as it contributes to solving the problem of unemployment. In the EU and the USA, the self-employed population provides business, social, real estate, intermediary services, as well as provides counselling, advertising, retail, franchising and other activities (over 400 types of activities). At the same time, a self-employed citizen can provide paid services to various organizations on a certain range of issues, demonstrating their professional qualities, either with the prospect of possible employment in these organizations as a specialist, consultant or contractor, or remaining a specialist in a free profession [1]. For most countries, the issue of how to legitimize the activities of the self- employment people is relevant, so that on the one hand, the budget is replenished, and on the other, social guarantees are established [2]. In the course of the study of the stated problems, the authors come to the conclusion that today the Russian Federation needs to build a social security system for self-employed citizens. At the same time, the tax on professional income should remain unchanged. Keywords: self-employed citizens, state, professional income tax, social security.

  • The identity of the perpetrator of the crime as an individualization of punishment

    The article examines the phenomenon of the identity of the perpetrator of a crime in the mechanism of individualization of criminal punishment. It is pointed out that although the criminal act acts as the main dimension of the indentity of the perpetrator of a crime, it is of fundamental importance in the punishment individualization mechanism to take into account the individual diversity inherent in any perpetrator’s personality that may be reflected in the crime or not characterize it. Keywords: crime; criminal law; criminal liability.

  • The influence of the english language on the russian youth slang

    This paper deals with the analysis of modern youth slang in the English language. The definition of slang attracts attention of modern philologists. Now there are a fairly large number of slang definitions that quite often contradict each other. Slang is one of the most problematic and main aspects of lexicology, as it reflects the linguistic and cultural features of the society that uses it. Students should select texts based on the language of their future specialty, make assignments for the consolidation of the passed terminology (Erofeeva & Yusupova, 2018). Today, slang is one of the most interesting language systems of modern linguistics. This paper discusses issues related to such a concept as slang, the problems of its use in spoken language of modern youth, as well as the reasons for the penetration of vocabulary into the language. In the course of studying, analysis method and questionnaires were used. Questionnaires enabled to quickly identify and interview large groups of people by a small number of sociologists. The ways of borrowing from other languages, the main ways of the formation of slang expressions were analyzed, the question of frequent use of these or those words in the spoken language of youth was also considered. Keywords: dialect, youth slang, slang expressions, stylistic features.

  • Digital confidence environment in procedure relationships

    The implementation of the legally proclaimed ideas and principles is ensured by the mechanism of intersectoral regulators which, being in constant relationship contribute to the solution of tasks set. But the mechanism established at the level of legal regulators cannot be isolated from the environment in which certain rules of conduct should be guided. This is due to the possible “artificiality” of the rules of behaviour, which can be expressed either in the fact that the rule exists, but there are no really existing social relations that can fall under the regulatory influence in this sector, or statutory regulators no longer meet the needs of social development due to their inability to regulate actually existing relations. All this determines the importance of studying the environment in which the system of statutory regulators will be created to achieve a specific goal and task. The strategy for the development of the information society in the Russian Federation for 2017 - 2030 defines the development of the information society as the goal and objective of the application of information and communication technologies. The construction of the information society, which will exist within the framework of the "electronic state", involves the "digitalization" of all sections of public relations, including such an important area as the administration of justice. Thus, the digital environment should also organically include procedural relationships that make it possible to exist. Keywords: digital environment; e-justice; information society; procedural relations; right to judicial protection.

  • Econometrical modeling of the structure of multidimensional statistical interrelations

    In economics, the general theory is largely descriptive, and mathematical models are not only statistical but also partial. Therefore, an economic phenomenon usually requires using partial methods and getting only private solutions limited by particular conditions - the type of activity, its place and time of implementation. The real idea of the nature of the economic phenomenon that interests us is given only by statistical data. Correlation analysis is a time-consuming and completely non-formalizable task when it is necessary to justify the relationship structure of a large number of factors. In addition, the quality and interpretation of the results of statistical analysis are predetermined by the nature of the statistical models used to obtain sample estimates of their parameters. Due to the complexity of multidimensional statistical models, general theoretical concepts are usually limited by the assumption that the sampled data does not contradict the normal multidimensional distribution law. This greatly simplifies multivariate statistical analysis and therefore it always leads to linear regression relationships, which corresponds to a trivial system of correlation relationships and is rarely observed in reality. The structure of each economic object is unique, therefore, it is proposed to refine it using a system of correlation matrices of various orders. It is shown that the generalization of large volumes of multidimensional sample data in the form of “portraits” of correlation matrices clearly represents the specific features of the object of study. Moreover, the empirical system of statistically significant relationships is transformed into the corresponding model of economic relationships. Prerequisites are being created for the practical use of universal systems analysis methods based on modern theoretical and software tools of information technologies. Keywords: econometrics, correlation analysis, multivariate sampling, statistical model, relationship structure

  • The competence of modern higher professional education institution graduates as an object of sociological reflection

    The paper notes that unemployment among young professionals is one of the most important problems in Kazakhstani society. The youth unemployment rate in Kazakhstan is very high. During the economic crisis, youth becomes the most vulnerable group. The level of unemployment among young professionals is almost half of the total unemployment rate in general.The relevance of the chosen research topic lies, first of all, in the increasing share of young specialists in the number of labour force and in the need to develop, in this regard, measures to solve problems associated with the country's youth unemployment. The authors note that the education system does not always form the competencies demanded by students in the labour market, as a result of which employers do not want to hire university graduates; they prefer workers having experience, which contributes to the growth of unemployment among university graduates. In this regard, the authors conducted an expert survey of heads of organizations in order to identify their opinions on the competencies of university graduates needed in the labour market (130 people were interviewed). The authors came to the conclusion that the education system does not adequately meet the needs of society as a whole and the economy in particular, and does not fully form the necessary competencies for university students.Recommendations are offered on improving the education system in order to form competencies that are important in the modern labour market. Keywords: youth, university graduates, competencies, employer, competitiveness, unemployment.

  • The issue of the term «sect» juridical definition

    This article is devoted to the problem of the concept "sect" determination in religious studies and legal discourses. The paper presents the analysis of the etymology and use of the term "sect" in the history of philosophical, theological and religious thought. The authors advocate the position that there is no clear and consistent definition of the concept “sect” in modern religious science. The authors also express doubts about the possibility of an unambiguous definition of this concept development. The article expresses concern that an attempt to give and legislate a legal definition of the concept of “sect” (including “totalitarian sect” and “destructive cult”) may lead to the practice of unfair enforcement and other negative consequences in the context of Russian reality. Keywords: sect, totalitarian sect, destructive cult, sect studies, legal religious studies.

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