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Publicação semestral do NEPGD. Reúne trabalhos de pesquisadores que investigam diferentes temáticas nas áreas da teoria feministas do direito, dos direitos das mulheres e das questões de gênero. Os trabalhos são submetidos ao crivo dos membros do Conselho Editorial e dos pareceristas escolhidos entre especialistas no tema.

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  • The expression of optative modality of undesirability with the infinitive constructions

    Linguistic modality as one of the key categories that connect sentences (statements) with extralinguistic reality and realize its communicative potential, is characterized by active interest of researchers and according to G. V. Bondarko "is steadily maintained as a recognized subject of debate". The interest in this category has increased notably in recent decades, when the functional approach firmly established in linguistics and the consistent attention to the human factor as an important extra- linguistic component of language change is clearly evident. The study of the categories of modality are the subject of many linguistic works the best known are the works of V. V. Vinogradov, Sh. Bally, V. G. Admoni, G. A. Zolotova, G. V. Olshanskii, G. V. Bondarko, N. Yu.Shvedov, N. E. Belyaeva, S. S. Vaulina, G. A. German, N. E. Petrova, L. S. Ermolaeva, V. Z. Panfilov, N. K. Dmitrieva, Coates[1-4], Halliday [5], Hockett [6] etc. V. V. Vinogradov is considered to be the founder of the theory of modality, his contribution in this issue, it is still very important for linguists. After V. V. Vinogradov, we understand modality as the ratio of the content of the narrative to reality (reported to its real implementation) from the point of view of the speaker. Our appeal to semantically capacious and used in various speech situations and with different purposes Russian proverbs is reasonable. The studied units, being stable and reproducible in speech by synthesis polyfunctional sayings, represent the secondary linguistic signs (closed steady phrase), are markers of the situations or relations between the realities, and also have an integral- semantic, expressive-shaped structures. This article describes the construction with the infinitive in the role of predicative centre on the example of Russian proverbs and sayings, the issue is due to insufficient knowledge of proverbs and sayings as means of verbal representation of the expression with a hint of undesirability.

  • The comprehensive approach in training professional foreign language for students of international relations

    The initial professional language training of future specialists in the sphere of International Relations includes enriching the vocabulary through learning the terms of physical and political geography. The study of specific terminology is the task of a foreign language integrated learning course, within the framework of which students can obtain knowledge of both the naming (foreign language) and the substantive (subjective) aspects of the profile conceptual apparatus. To implement the integrated language course, the present study used a comprehensive approach and a method of a three-step lesson. These methods allowed the use of an individualized approach to deal with significant volumes of vocabulary, its semantic and grammatical features.

  • The functioning of the internet media in the russian media space

    Internet media occupy a leading place in the modern media system. This type of media is characterized by a number of advantages: efficiency, economy, usability. On the one hand, they embody the advantages of traditional media, but multimedia and interactive technologies provide new opportunities for information exchange, and audience expansion. The tendencies of the Internet publication Islam-Today.ru ("Islam Today") development, which is the federal information and analytical portal opened five years ago and now is one popular and authoritative religious-oriented news sites of the country, are considered. The estimation of functional, technological, and creative components in portal activity is given. Attention is drawn to the peculiarities on the implementation by the periodical of a number of media functions: direct organizational, culturological, advertising and reference, and recreational. There are given the recommendations for improving information exchange, and increasing the effectiveness of working with its audience.

  • Name of the newspaper: communicative-functional approach

    The article is devoted to the linguistic status of hemeronyms – the names of media publications – on the material of newspaper titles. They represent a variety of proper names and are qualified as a word / wordform, sentence or primitive text, being the subject of research of various disciplines – onomastics, syntax and text linguistics. In addition, the names of publications are in the focus of attention of specialists in the field of media design and marketing communication (more specifically – naming). The functional approach to the object under study allows us to emphasize a specific goal setting of the identification / individualization of the media market object and to focus on three variants of the indicated names: a) as a structural element (subtext) of the integral complex sign, which is the aggregate text of the publication – the collective and periodic intellectual product functioning in a market economy; the name represents the core element of the header / title complex – as a rule, it has a polycode character, which is manifested also metagraphemically (through the headset, font size, font color), and illustratively (with the help of drawings, emblems, awards); b) as an independent element (primitive text) of marketing discourse (on city and office signboards and indexes) and c) as a nominative unit in works of various styles and genres on the functioning of print media (in subscription catalogs, in consumer dialogues at newspaper kiosks, in the news, analytics, etc.). The proposed communicative-functional approach to the study of the names of periodicals helps to apply the integrative models to its description, which in turn makes possible the most complete representation of the various semiotic methods of reflecting the pragmatic attitudes of publishers in it.

  • Abuso sexual infanto-juvenil em uma análise sobre técnicas em terapias cognitivo-comportamentais em grupo (TCCG)

    Este trabalho teve por objetivo promover a reflexão, o estudo e a pesquisa acerca da temática do abuso sexual na infância e na adolescência, tendo como luz a terapia cognitivacomportamental. Diante do crescente número de casos, visualizamos a necessidade de se redobrar a assistência psicológica. Sabendo do importante impacto gerado por este fenômeno a inúmeras crianças e adolescentes, foi pontuada sobre o importante papel do psicólogo no acolhimento a essas vítimas, bem como um eficaz acompanhamento em longo prazo, capaz de trazer uma nova ressignificação de vida, sofrimento e culpa. Em virtude disto, buscou-se aqui apresentar as técnicas mais utilizadas no acolhimento de crianças e adolescentes vítimas de abuso sexual, envolvidas no processo terapêutico grupal, realizado por profissionais psicólogos cognitivos e comportamentais.

  • Development of the system of balanced scorecard for enterprises of the petrochemical complex tatneft

    Regional policy in the field of law-making in support of innovation, investment, improvement of interregional and international relations, on the one hand, and implementation of the provisions of the antimonopoly legislation, replenishment of the budget, development of economic, financial, transport and other infrastructure of the region, on the other hand, discloses the content of favourable, and constraining the development of corporate activities conditions that determine the purpose and planned value of indicators of the corporation functioning. Establishment of economic targets from the scientific and practical point of view is only one side of the management function, it is important to organize the accounting, analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of achieving the goals of the corporation, the results of which serve as the information base for making managerial decisions and adjusting planned activities.Indicators of the effect and efficiency of managing corporations are the subjects of many discussions. At the same time, it is important to understand that attention should be drawn not as much to the results obtained, as to the conditions and factors that determined them. The analysis of cause-effect relationships allows modern corporations to build a system of dependencies, to adjust their development strategy taking into account their territorial affiliation and to apply modern tools for matrix analysis and planning, to which the system of balanced scorecard of Norton and Kaplan can be related.

  • Reengineering of business processes and improve the sales system by 1c in pharmacies

    Sales activities is one of the main elements of the production and commercial activities. It affects all stages of production by ensuring the flow of financial resources, their circulation. The quality of the Sales Department's work depends largely on the effectiveness of the entire enterprise. Effective sales activities has a positive social and economic impact on individual employees, Enterprise and society as a whole. This work describes a project subsystem "sales management, sales task is implemented, evaluated the effectiveness of the implementation of the specified task. The practical value of the study is that the draft can be used for all-round automation of enterprise management. To redesign processes in sales management subsystem uses the reengineering of business processes. For selected key business processes, there is a set of indicators on the economic activities of the pharmacy network. Results can be described as effective as integral indicators of the economic efficiency of the project equal: the total cost of the development tasks-40080.66 rub; savings: 5305.18 rub. per month, 63662.16 rubles. in the year, the net present value of-8709.12 rub; payback period-simple 9.4 months, discounted payback period (at a discount rate of 8%)-10.8 months, internal rate of return- 46.05%.Introduction of Sales Accounting tasks "gives the management effect and synergistic effect that is associated with the use of the results of this task on other tasks.

  • Violências contra estudantes no campus de uma universidade federal brasileira

    Este artigo é fruto de uma pesquisa quantitativa que realizamos com quatrocentos estudantes de graduação da Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV). A pesquisa foi financiada pela Pró-Reitoria de Educação da universidade. Nosso objetivo neste artigo é interrogar, por meio de argumentos e evidências empíricas, a afirmação de uma renomada pesquisadora de que "o estupro é de fácil diagnóstico". As evidências utilizadas para demonstrar que a constatação desse tipo de violência sexual pode não ser tão fácil foram obtidas dos dados empíricos de uma pesquisa supracitada, cujo objetivo era investigar as violências praticadas contra os/as discentes de graduação da universidade, especialmente as do sexo feminino. Os argumentos utilizados para inquirir a afirmação supracitada foram obtidos da literatura sobre o tema. Conclui-se que não se pode afirmar sem ponderações que o estupro é de fácil diagnóstico no meio univeristário.

  • The journalist image in the works of mass culture of the Russian Federation

    The article reveals the terms of modern journalism, analyses the journalist images created in the mass culture of the Russian Federation. It is not easy to find out the journalist image on pages of mass editions and in full- length feature films. In various stages of the Russian society formation, the journalist appeared in this type of works with the goal of personifying a certain ideology. Today, the comic characters are pushed into the background by a solid superhero nature, the audience often discusses the relationship between heroes than who they are in the series, the films emphasize the epic nature of the action, and the journalist is usually a way of creating a work in the "action" genre in fiction. The Russian journalist image is often negative: it is either a "hatchet" man from the tabloid press, or gossip "collector", or a careerist. Such characters much less often become the main participants in criminal events, seeking the triumph of justice and the establishment of truth in the society. The main task of the authors when creating such works with the characters- journalists is to provide material interesting to the consumer. Transformation of any product, including spiritual, into a good, dictates the special conditions for creating the journalist image. Based on the universal journalist image, identified by D. Randall (2000) [1], we typologized the characters, having revealed certain regularities. The results of our study consist in confirming the expected results: the creators of mass culture products do not set themselves the task of objectively demonstrating the journalist profession; journalism appears in a grotesque image in their works.

  • Evaluation of the influence of factors of the regional economic development on the gross regional product

    The problem of economic growth has always been central to the discussions not only of professional economists, but also of politicians and public figures. This issue is of particular urgency for Russia in the period of geopolitical turbulence, which is strengthened by the tendencies of protectionism in international trade. In addition, there is a different dynamics of economic growth, its quality, both in the sectoral and regional sections. In this regard, the analysis of the influence of the main factors contributing to economic growth, qualitative change in the structure of gross domestic product (GDP), gross regional product (GRP), has a significant applied value. Priorities of innovative quality of growth that require large-scale investments are stated in Strategy-2020 and in “Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Tatarstan until 2030”.Without assessing the role of the investment resource, it is impossible to determine the strategies for the country's social and economic development, to develop and implement general state, sectoral and regional programs. One approach that makes it possible to quantify the degree of influence of such key factors of economic growth as investments and incomes of the population, including the average monthly wage, is based on the use of econometric models and economic interpretation of the coefficients of the models obtained.

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